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Pubs and Bar Restaurant solution

What are the important features for a Pub and Bar restaurant?

Pubs are generally consider to be a social networking place for the expat living in foreign country, the expat are always moving from table to table, and is difficult to keep track there taps.

  • The POS system got to have the ability to handle both Ordering and Cashier functions in the same terminal
  • Also it must track at real time the Payment transaction and Order taken by the each waiter from the Order terminals
  • The ability to setup virtual sub table number are an advantage eg., table 1A, 1B… from any terminal, with this feature you don’t need to split bills eg. If 2 friends come to the bar, one can stand or sitted, and if one wants to go home first, the bar tender don’t need to split the bill, just close the 1A table and table 1B will still be opened
  • Pubs main revenue come from the drinks, the POS must have the ability to change selling price automatically on any drinks at different time during any given day, without setting up additional order button on the order terminals. (this feature use for happy hour, buy 1 get 1 free)

If you are looking for such a system, please give us a call for individual consultation.

Fast implementation (POS hardware and software) of Bars & Restaurant solution, adopted for Thailand