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Seafood Restaurant POS solution

Typical Seafood restaurant solution?

What are important features in the POS system for a Seafood restaurant?

  • Handle the price of the seafood according to “Market price”, the ability to sell according to “Weight” eg. 100gram/ Baht 100, 1 piece /Baht 100, must have the flexibility to change according to the cost of the Live Seafood purchase on any given day.
  • The system should have the flexibility to send kitchen messages for the preparation of the dish.
  • The ability to handle “Set Menu” and choice within the set menu, eg.”Fruit platter to Ice cream” etc. Additional charges or not?
  • Able to handle Tour group with different Nationalities, ability to print “English and Local Thai Language bills” and many other features.

If you are looking for such a system, please give us a call for individual consultation.

Fast implementation (POS hardware and software) of Bars & Restaurant solution, adopted for Thailand