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Installation service


To do any installation efficiently, the longest time is in the planning stages, POS customer doesn’t always give the installers enough time to prepare due to many factors

POS installation services
  • The constructions of the restaurant are delay
  • The food menu and the price are not yet ready
  • The restaurant staffs are not yet hire, so training can not be done
  • The cooks have not yet decide the printing format in the kitchen
  • Their are millions of other things the manager needs to take care off for the opening
  • So this is where our experienced POS installation personal can help to ease the pressure for restaurateur, we have done so many installation, we know what to do first and last , we always anticipate in advance what are needed to get the job done on time.


Our experts will work with you to lay out and execute the best possible solution for your installation and deployment project. A dedicated project manager will oversee the entire project – from procurement to planning to execution.

Your new POS systems can be configured to your exact specifications and shipped from our facility ensuring your store are updated on time and on budget. No project is too large for our facility to handle.

Have existing hardware or software that needs to be integrated into your new system? Our team of technicians and in house developers are here to help.

Our network of field technicians provide professional quality installations across Thailand. We ensure every install meets your specifications through a comprehensive installation checkout procedure.

Not sure exactly what is needed at your locations? Our site surveys include location inspection, detailed equipment audits, and site photos. This will aid in determining exactly what is needed for a successful installation.


Dedicated to providing the industry’s highest level of professional installation services.