POS all-in-1 terminals

The All-in-one POS systems [display, computer, card reader, cash drawer] are the good solutions for small and medium business. They are an affordable yet easy to use in restaurant business.
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Otek Sys M667 15-inch all-in-one POS terminal, aluminum case, spill proof
OtekSys M667 15″...
฿39,300฿50,650 [VAT incl.]
Protech PS 3252 POS te...
฿35,310 [VAT incl.]
Protech PA-6225 - waterproof and bezel free touch POS terminal
Protech PS 6225 termin...
฿33,600฿39,500 [VAT incl.]
Protech PS 6630 POS te...
฿37,880 [VAT incl.]
VariPOS 715S - Celeron + Windows system with 15" display, black color
VariPOS 715S terminal
฿43,400 [VAT incl.]
VariPOS 815S - Intel® Core i5 + Windows system with 15" display, black
VariPOS 815S
฿49,200฿51,500 [VAT incl.]