Barcode scanners

With the right POS barcode reader, you can speed data collection and eliminate data entry errors in restaurant and hospitality industries.
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Sale! Champtek Nova N-4060 Omni-Directional POS Counter Scanner
Champtek Nova N-4060 B...
฿12,450 ฿9,950 [VAT incl.]
Sale! EC Line 2D-4600 USB 2D Imaging Barcode Scanner for POS systems
EC Line 2D-4600 USB 2D...
฿7,900 ฿6,320 [VAT incl.]
Sale! EC Line® EC-2D-8300 2D Area Handheld Barcode Scanner with blue light
EC Line EC-2D-8300 CCD...
฿8,025 ฿6,420 [VAT incl.]
EC Laser Scanner 9610
Ec Line Laser Barcode ...
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Ec Line Omni Scanner 7110D
Ec Line Omni Barcode R...
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