Raptor CRM (marketing)

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Raptor CRM (marketing)

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  • Online membership system
  • POS / CRM Integrated website
  • POS integrated mobile application
  • Email blast
  • SMS blast
  • Reports

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Complete solution to optimize sales operations and enhance customer experience

We offer a comprehensive sales and information management solution for the F&B and Retail industry. We provide both hardware as well as software to facilitate a truly one-stop solution for our clients.

Raptor uses the latest technology and hardware, and constantly invest in research & development to stay ahead of the industry, without compromising on reliability and user-friendliness.

Raptor’s advanced CRM software solutions allow you to have access to real time customer data. The robust data enable you to gain deeper customer insights and understand better about your customer behavior patterns.

Raptor CRM provides front-to-back end integrated single platform which allows you to manage customer engagement activities on an intuitive interface, with just a few clicks of buttons.

With Raptor CRM, you can take charge of how and when you want to run your promotions and loyalty campaigns- be it for all your customers or a more personalized promotions for a select few customers.